Organic Farm Jítravský Dvorec

We offer organic Aberdeen-angus beef cattle and Romney Marsch lamb, crossbred with the Suffolk and Texl meat breeds, in organic quality. We process this meat, together with game from the surrounding forests, in our own, organic-certified facility.


Aberdeen-angus beef cattle originates from the north east of Scotland, where already as early as the 18th century, in the Aberdeenshire Region, farmers managed to create this breed of Scottish beef for consumption. Aberdeen-Angus is characterized by a firm body constitution and high muscularity – the adult bull measures about 150 cm and weighs 1100 – 1300 kg. This type of cattle stands out with its ease of care, tenacity and the already mentioned ability of easy births and a strong maternal instinct. Meat from the Angus breed is finely fibrous and tender, highly marbled, juicy and has a typical taste.

Organic Farm Jítravský Dvorec


This breed originally comes from the English county of Suffolk and is well-suited for potential cross-breeding with almost all other breeds. Lambs are born black and gradually turn white up to the age of one. In adult sheep and rams, the black head and limbs remain up the forelimbs and tarsus. The breed is characterized by significantly muscled hams and a height of about 70-80 cm at the withers. Suffolk sheep are undemanding, characterized by strong health and a long fertile period, and suitable for breeding in areas with higher altitudes, making them naturally suited to iJítrava with its altitude of 400 meters above sea level.


We sell organic-quality meat, produced at our farm. We are not resellers, except in one case. 

NOW: You can buy meat for grilling at our Pub.