Beef tartare, crackling, mustard seed, cornichons, garlic sauce, toasted buttermlik bread
245 Kč
Goat cheese mousse quiche, honey-glazed carrots, fig chutney
225 Kč
Venison pâté, pickled vegetable salad, cranberry coulis, pistachio dust, buttermilk bread
225 Kč
Strong beef broth, meat dumplings with parsley, vegetables julienne
65 / 95 Kč
Creamy black salsify soup, garlic and mushroom confit, parsley oil
65 / 95 Kč
Beetroot salad with fennel and grapefruit, fresh sheep´s cheese, caramelised nuts
245 Kč
Grilled saddle of venison/lamb, shredded lettuce salad with figs and pears, sautéed bacon
320 Kč
Tagliatelle with autumn vegetable sauce, purple carrot, olive tapenade
315 Kč
Buckwheat risotto with spinach, roasted pumpkin
275 Kč
Fish of the day, vegetable fregola, lime-butter sauce, blanched leek, pomegranate
425 Kč
Grilled chicken supreme, potato purée with chives, cucumber and fennel salad
415 Kč
Confit duck leg, steamed beetroot, potato pancakes, sage demi-glace
425 Kč
Saddle of the day from our farm, potato pudding with ricotta, mushrooms and garlic, pumpkin purée, king oyster mushroom, red wine sauce
545 Kč
Leg of lamb, baked potato, dill creme fraiche, garden rocket, lamb demi-glace
475 Kč
Boiled beef ribs, pickled vegetables, courgette mustard, chilli mayonnaise, oven-baked bread with bacon
425 Kč
Wild boar roulade with pears and pecans, potato purée, sautéed bacon with Brussels sprouts
445 Kč
Roe deer ragout, roasted greanille potatoes, pumpkin, chestnuts
445 Kč
Chocolate sphere with ginger ice cream, nuts, caramel sauce
215 Kč
Chamomile panna cotta, honey plums, hibiscus caviar
195 Kč
Buns with vanilla cream, sour cherry coulis
185 Kč