120 g Pork in its own juice shallots, home-made bred
155 Kč
100 g Beef tartare fried caraway-seed bread
175 Kč
120 g Confit pork belly apple sauce, toasted bread
155 Kč
120 g Pork crackling spread, shallots, home-made bread
145 Kč
130 g Carp chips sour cream and dill dip
155 Kč
1 Pickled sausage goat horn peppers, hot peppers, bread
95 Kč
1 piece Marinated camembert-type cheese hot peppers, bread
110 Kč
0,35l Pork jowl soup with groats and vegetables
65 Kč
0,35l Potato soup with mushrooms
75 Kč
100 g Shredded lettuce with bacon, apples and red onions, toasted goat cheese
225 Kč
Shredded lettuce with pickled vegetables and beetroot
185 Kč
150 g Shredded lettuce with vegetables and bacon chicken breast, croutons, anchovy dressing, parmesan cheese
255 Kč
200 g Rolled wild boar shoulder rosehip sauce, Karlovy Vary dumplings
315 Kč
Roasted lamb shank in garlic (deboned) creamed spinach, potato gnocchi
325 Kč
650 g Roasted lamb ribs spicy home-made pickled vegetable mix, home-made bread
255 Kč
Home-made bacon dumpling sauerkraut, onion, smoked meat, cracklings
255 Kč
850 g Roasted pork shank mustard, horseradish, goat horn peppers, bread
275 Kč
200 g Grilled pork neck roasted pepper sauce, roasted greanille potatoes with rosemary
295 Kč
200 g Grilled chicken supreme mushroom ragout, mashed potatoes
295 Kč
180 g Grilled pork tenderloin fillet pepper/plum jam sauce, roasted potatoes
325 Kč
200 g Grilled Siven trout fillet mashed potatoes, lemon sauce, caramelised lemon peel
295 Kč
Curd cheese doughnuts with apples in cinnamon sugar, fruit sauce
155 Kč
Pear strudel vanilla sauce
135 Kč
120g Grilled chicken steak mashed potatoes with butter, cucumber salad, demi-glace sauce
175 Kč
Sandwich with mozzarella cheese and ham lamb's lettuce with tomatoes
155 Kč